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  • Why should I choose Road Flex over another company?

    We are a competitively priced courier delivery company with a proven track record of achieving top-level customer satisfaction. We aspire to be number one in our field.

  • When will the package be picked up?

    From the moment your order is confirmed, the pick-up time is determined by the level of service you choose. For example: All Economy services must be called in by 10:00 AM in order to be picked up right away with guaranteed same-day delivery. If your order is called in after 10:00 AM and you need same-day pick-up and delivery, one of our other service levels will be recommended. We offer four service options—Economy, Regular, Super Rush and Critical.

  • How is mileage calculated?

    Mileage is calculated between the point of pick up and drop-off

    • Economy Service: Mileage will be calculated as a 10-mile distance
    • Regular Service: Mileage will be calculated as a 20-mile distance
    • Super Rush Service: Mileage will be calculated as a 30-mile distance
    • Critical Service: Pick up is made as soon as possible and delivered directly to the destination with no stops in between
  • Are you available throughout the weekends?

    We are open on weekends and most national holidays. However, if you are an established Road Flex customer, we can accommodate you 24/7 on pre-arranged basis. Our drivers will take special care in handling your packages and obtain a signature from the recipient. Simply call us in advance to make arrangements.

  • Is there a size or weight limit to my package?

    Yes. The weight limit depends upon the service option you choose. The maximum allowed limit is 100 pounds, but you can pay extra for additional weight.

  • Is there proof of delivery?

    Yes! We provide proof of delivery via email, fax, or phone at no additional costs. If you would like the original signature from the receiver as proof of delivery, you will be charged the same rate as a round-trip service.

  • How do you calculate waiting time?

    If the driver must wait for a shipment, waiting time is charged. Our couriers will wait 15 minutes before waiting time is calculated. After 15 minutes, time will be charged retroactively back to the time of arrival. This includes loading and unloading time.

  • Who is a TSA-Certified Driver?

    In order to have access to a secure area of a port or vessel, such as Cruise Ship Docks/Maritime Facilities, U.S. Coast Guard/Agency Buildings and or any secure or restricted areas of any airport within the United States, you must have a Transportation Worker Identification Credential card also known as (TWIC). Because of rules (Act of 2002 & SAFE Port Act). Therefore, to comply with the laws by the Transportation Security Administration and the U.S. Coast Guard, we are improving rapidity of service for our established customers by making sure one of our tsa-approved drivers is standing by and ready to serve at a moment notice. To learn more about tsa-approved drivers, please click on the link.

  • How Do I Place an Order?

    We highly encourage the use of our  online order form . However, if you don't have access to a computer, tablet or a smartphone, we'll be more than happy to take your order over the phone.

  • How Do I Set Up an Account?

     Simply give us a call or click on account request and we'll get you started.

For all your on-time courier service needs within the areas of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, the Bronx and Long Island, please call us at 516-209-2768. We can deliver anything from an envelope to a vanload.

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