Free Your Time. Leave The Errands To Us.

Free Your Time. Leave The Errands To Us.
Long Island New York Errands ProfessionalAs an errand running service in New York, we are proud to share the many services and opportunities we provide for those needing personal errands run for them.

Who Should Use Errand Services?
Anyone whom has difficulty getting out and about should definitely consider using errand services. We specialize in errand services for seniors, to provide the items they need, as well as personal errands for professional in Long Island, NY.

What We Have to Offer
As an errand running service, we have options to fit your needs. Pick-up and delivery services include: prescriptions, bank check deposits, interoffice mail, documents to all Long Island and New York City courthouses or local precinct, and court filings. Additional service include UPS, FedEx, and USPS along with business-to-business deliveries, grocery shopping, and same-day pick-up and delivery of various gifts, including balloons, baked goods, flowers and even wine.

Where We Can Be Found
We service the following areas: Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and Rockland Counties. Grocery services are only available in limited areas of Queens, but are available in all of Nassau County and west Suffolk County.

With grocery shopping, be very specific when creating your list, creating price descriptions and using brand names if desired. You may recommend your preferred supermarket, but if we are unable to accommodate, we will shop at the top local supermarkets in your area.

Not the Average Errand Service
Customers are responsible for paying for items before they are picked up by our company. Once you have become an established customer, however, we provide the convenience of paying for your orders upfront, to a maximum of $50, to be reimbursed upon delivery. Knowing the value of time, our company is also able to pick-up and deliver on the same day for most services. Additional restrictions may apply depending on the type of service and payment, especially if paying with a credit card.


In order to begin using our errand services in the aforementioned areas, please call us at 516-209-2768 or click on the order today link below!


*Some other restrictions will apply. If payments are made using a credit card, there will be additional fee involved to cover the credit card processing charge. Serving seniors, busy professionals and small business owners in Nassau County, Long Island, New York . Convenient and affordable Personal Errand Services‎. Call us now at 516-209-2768 for local errands in Nassau County, Long Island, NY. Long Island Errand Services,  Nassau County NY Errands, Errand Delivery Services, Store Errands Nassau County NY,  Running Errands in Nassau County NY, Running Personal Errands in Nassau County Long Island, Errand Service for Seniors in Nassau County NY, Errand Service for Professional in Long Island Nassau County NY, Personal Errand Service for Small Business Owners in Nassau County NY, On Call Concierge Services in Long Island Nassau County New York. Thank you for your patronage.



For Fastest Service, Call 516-209-2768

 We Accept All Major Credit Cards


828 Hempstead Tpke.
Franklin Square, NY 11010

P: 516-209-2768
F: 516-350-9561
M-F 7:30AM -10:30PM EST
Sat-Sun. 7:30AM-9:30PM

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