Express Package Shipping & Door-to-Door Service to the Caribbean
Road Flex Courier provides Express Shipping & Delivery Service from any area in New York City to the Central America and the Caribbean Islands including Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Belize, Nicaragua, Antigua, Panama and other areas. We also provide Door-to-Airport, Airport-to-Airport or Door-to-Door Pickup & Delivery Services which helps to save you time and money.

We're an Authorized Shipping Agent for Amerijet & Several other Cargo Airlines
In order to speed up or make our transit process fast, we collect, process and ship daily; and by focusing on lightweight packages under 100lbs ranging from envelopes, small packages, boxes, crates, cartons, suitcases, travel bags, luggage sets, general merchandise, non-hazardous pharmaceuticals, personal effects and dry goods.  For customers located in New York City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx, or Suffolk County, Long Island area──our pick up cost ranges from $15.00 and up depending on your location.
We Ship to the Caribbean and the Central America

When it comes to getting your parcels to Caribbean destinations, there is no carrier more trusted than Amerijet to provide service throughout the Central America and the Caribbean Countries. Our business is ensuring fast shipping and delivery of all your products or personal effects. Thanks to our partners at Amerijet and local carriers, we offer unmatched door-to-door service so that your parcels get to your business associates and loved ones safely and in a timely manner.

But that’s not all – thanks to Southwest Cargo, American Airlines Cargo, Amerijet's industry leading shipping capabilities, Road Flex Courier now has the ability to ship almost everywhere in the United States and into many different Caribbean destinations including Aruba, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Honduras, Barbados, Cayman Islands,  Dominica, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana and many more!

We offer free bulk pickups on all local shipments that are under 100 pounds and meet shipping compliance requirements. Depending on where you are located in the Tri-State area, pick up rates are as low as $15 and up. There’s no other company as well equipped to get your packages to Jamaica, Haiti, Antigua, Belize, Dominican Republic, and many other places as Road Flex Courier!

Here’s why people like to trust Road Flex Courier with their shipping needs:

•  Trustworthy, Convenient, Clear Delivery Cost & Fast Shipping Process
•  No Freight Consolidation - we'll never keep your freight for days before it gets shipped out
•  Reliable and courteous customer service (We'll come to you and collect your shipments)
•  Free local pickup for bulk shipment consisting of 5 or more packages
•  Door-to-door delivery service for many destinations
•  Special discounts on dropped off shipments at our Elmont office
•  Real-time shipment updates – including delivery notifications
•  Referral bonuses (up to $50 gift card - simply connect us with a frequent air freight shipper)
•  Affordable Cargo Transport Insurance with fast claims resolution
•  Protect your financial interest with the most trusted air cargo insurance company
•  Knowledge that if something happens, you won’t be on the hook for lost goods and services
•  Easy to file claim process

We have all the resources needed to deliver your package(s) safe and on time. We also understand the value of dependable and quick service while we ship your goods at the lowest possible rates. Call us today for a quick quote at 516-209-2768, and get your items where they need to go quickly for an unbelievable price or simply fill out the form on the right!

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