Private Messenger & Hand Held Personal Delivery Services.
Airport Pickup & Delivery - TSA-Certified Drivers on Call! We have what it takes to deliver same day anywhere within Long Island and the New York City area. Convenient pickup and delivery services are available on call or prescheduled. Unlike other services, we are straightforward, experienced, inexpensive, screened, honest, D.O.T. licensed and insured. We treat all of our customers fairly, and we specialize in different types of services that make your life a bit easier, more convenient, painless and stress free.

Is there a letter that you need to pick up but your busy schedule is hindering you from doing so? Well, we can do the work for you! We are your reliable messenger and Long Island same-day delivery service, which offers fast, dependable and insured pickups and deliveries in order to meet the needs of all our valued customers!

New York City Courier SpecialistsCall us! Our friendly and reliable drivers are ready to assist you seven days a week with your same-day door-to-door delivery needs, and rest assured we always provide proof of delivery at no extra charge. Try us out today and become a believer by calling 516-209-2768!

Pickup and Drop-Off Includes but Is Not Limited to the Following: boxes, packages, letters, documents, envelopes, parcels, bids/proposals, payrolls/checks, pharmaceuticals, advertising products, subpoenas, summons/complaints, court filings, retrievals from courthouses and city halls, client authorization forms, architectural/blueprints/contracts and much more.

Whether you need mail delivered or picked up from the distribution hubs, we will be more than happy to carry out the job for you! We have been doing this for nearly 5 years now, and throughout those long years, we were able to master the best ways of guaranteeing exceptional services to our customers.

Our commitment to our clients is to do what’s right and go above and beyond to meet their deadlines while providing the highest quality messenger service we can offer. We guarantee that your shipment will not get lost with us because we’re always making sure that all of your shipments get delivered to the right locations, and we’ll always obtain the recipient’s signature as proof of delivery, so call us today at 516-209-2768.

Thank you for your business, and we look forward to meeting your delivery needs.

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